Why Reading?
10 reasons why your Kids should read :

My son/daughter reads a lot, is the common refrain, a closer look would reveal that parents are referring to school books. Now nothing wrong with that, but when are they going to read for the sake of reading, enjoying the printed text for the sheer love for it. Here are 10 good reasons why your kids should read:

1. Kids should read as it improves their vocabulary : Believe me, when your Child starts scoring high marks in their SAT tests later in life, would vindicate the statement ”when will you read your school books”. Reading improves vocabulary.

2. Reading improves grammar in Children: Most kids do a lot of guesswork when they read. They take the individual meanings of the words in the sentence, and then guess the most likely meaning of the entire sentence based on those words.

3. Reading Improves visualization skills in Children: “Proficient readers spontaneously and purposely create mental images while and after they read. The images emerge from all five senses as well as the emotions and are anchored in a reader’s prior knowledge.”

4. Reading helps Children Learn: Reading is both the key to success at school and the source of a lifetime’s pleasure, children learn as they read.

5. Reading helps Children Write Better: For example, reading helps you develop your vocabulary and also improve your spelling, which in turn helps your writing, which in turn continues to improve vocabulary and spelling. The cycle goes on.

6. Reading helps Kids in Social Skills: “Children’s social behavior can promote or undermine their learning, and their academic performance may have implications for their social behavior. Research has time and again pointed out that those who are poor readers in their early years of school are assessed by their teachers as more aggressive later on in life.

7. Reading reduces stress in Kids: ”Children share the same problems as adults. ” Childhood stress is common in all cultural and socio-economic groups. No one can escape it. Reading is one great stress buster for Kids,

8. Reading is pleasurable for Kids: Well this one doesn’t require much explanation

9. Children who love to read allow parents time off: Give the child a book and he gets lost. A completely different world, well this is one way to get some time off for most parents. I know a stressed out family who carry books while shopping, saves them time and energy.

10. Reading Saves energy: Imagine the amount of time the TV is switched off.
Grab your nearest Library card today and read...

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